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A carefully created booklet to accompany your Will, leaving behind your last wishes and words when you are no longer here.

Helping you to preserve more than just your money

We have created this booklet which is designed to change how you think about making a Will and encourages you to tell your own story. For us, that means not only legally protecting what someone has, but also preserving the memory of who that person is.

The booklet allows you to provide both practical and sentimental guidance to your Executors.

When you have instructed us to write your Will, we provide you with platforms that we have created, to leave behind more than just your wealth, empowering you to be remembered the way you want to be remembered, for the benefit of future generations.

Leaving behind memories and messages can mean so much to the loved ones you leave behind.

Leaving behind memories and messages can mean so much to the loved ones you leave behind...

Wishes that accompany your Will

The practical information you leave behind can support your Executors when they are administering your estate, ensuring that your affairs are dealt with promptly and in accordance with your wishes.

We also provide you with plenty of opportunity to detail your emotional wishes, including who you’d like to leave your sentimental and personal belongings to and how you’d like to be remembered at your funeral.

Final words to leave behind when you pass away

We have a section in the booklet dedicated to leaving behind hand-written personal messages, thoughts and memories for your loved ones, as a way of preserving your emotional legacy and most importantly, keeping your story alive...

This booklet will be stored confidentially alongside your Will. We will safeguard your thoughts, feelings and wishes until such time that you pass away, ensuring that we do not release the booklet to anyone but your chosen Executors.

Keeping families together

We understand that the process of completing the booklet can be emotional for some, but a completed booklet can completely change the experience of family and friends when grieving the loss of their loved one. It’s something that can and will be treasured by future generations, far beyond the distribution of your financial legacy which in turn helps to keep families together.

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