How much does Probate cost?

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The cost of dealing with any Probate matter can vary dependent on a number of factors along with the work you would like us to carry out.

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A Guide to Probate and Conveyancing Costs*

Grant Only

IHT205 Form Only – £1,250.00 plus VAT and disbursements

IHT205 Form + IHT217 Form (Transfer Nil Rate Band) – £1,750.00 plus VAT and disbursements

IHT400 Forms – £2,500.00 plus VAT and disbursements

Full Admin

An estimate of 1.5% plus VAT of the gross value of the estate for inheritance tax purposes, subject to a minimum fee of £2,500.00 plus VAT.

Please note, the complexity of the administration may require a higher fee. Once our ‘Fact Find’ document has been received it will be reviewed and then we contact you again to confirm the costs with you.

Everything is transparent and there are no hidden costs.


Deeds of variation need to be quoted on request.

Trust Administration is charged hourly at £225 plus VAT.


Transfer/Assent (including registration of a property will trust) of registered land
£475 plus VAT and disbursements

Transfer/Assent (including registration of a property will trust) of unregistered land
£825 + VAT and disbursements

Sale of a registered property (Freehold)
£750 + VAT and disbursements

Sale of an unregistered property (Freehold)
£975 + VAT and disbursements

Sale of a registered property (Leasehold)
£950 + VAT and disbursements

Sale of an unregistered property (Leasehold)
£1,150 + VAT and disbursements

Declaration of trust
Estimate of £350 plus VAT –once reviewed a fixed cost will be given.

* Please note these prices are estimates for a standard case, a full case specific estimate can be obtained on request. Factors that could increase the overall costs are; value of estate, complexity and if contentious.

The above abbreviations:

IHT 205 – HMRC form for a non-taxable estate

IHT 400 – HMRC form involving a more comprehensive tax submission

TNRB – Transferring an unused inheritance tax allowance from a deceased husband/wife/civil partner

RNRB – Additional tax allowance applicable when property passes to a direct descendant

TRNRB – Transferring an unused RNRB from a deceased husband/wife/civil partner

Disbursement – for example; Probate Court fee (£155) Oath Fee (£5-£10) Land Registry fee (varies) Office Copies (£3)

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