Dealing with the death of a loved one

We can help you with legal support following the death of a loved one. Our specialised Probate team provide professional advice and guidance following a bereavement.

Offering the empathy needed at what can be a very difficult time.

When somebody close to us sadly dies it can be a very stressful and difficult time. Our Probate team provide expert advice in sorting out (known as administering) the estate and aim to ease the burden.

If someone has died and you need help with Probate or would like to discuss your situation, contact us today and speak to our friendly Probate team.

Our dedicated and experienced team of Probate specialists are here for you

Our role is to advise and protect you from any potential pitfalls and to support and take the strain away. You choose how much involvement you would like us to have, and what help you require.

Our dedicated and experienced team of Probate specialists are here for you and to help you through the process of administering an estate at what can be a very difficult time.

We can help you through the Probate Process

We can apply for a Grant of Probate on your behalf, or assist you with the administration of the estate if Probate is not required or if you prefer we can work with you to administer the whole Estate.

It is not always clear who is entitled to deal with an estate, which is where we can help establish whether a Will exists or not.

To better understand the Probate Journey click here.

We will work with you to guide you through the administration process

We advise you along every step to ensure that the Estate is administered in accordance with the wishes of the deceased.

Speak to our friendly team today for Wills and Probate support.

Why choose Right Legal Group

Why choose
Right Legal Group

Piece of mind that your affairs are in safe hands

Right Legal Group is a fully regulated law firm. Driven by our passion to change the way people think about making a Will, along with helping people deal with death, we have created a well-established service called Rightprobate.

Our Rightprobate team do all they can to help and advise you where to start and help you through the Probate process.

Speak to our friendly team today and find out how we can help you with Probate

Keeping memories alive & preserving their inheritance

We understand...

Dealing with death and the issues surrounding it is not an easy topic of conversation. However we aim to make this experience as easy, straight forward and compassionate as possible. All of our experts are dedicated to providing the best service to you. The service you and your family deserve.

Just to let you know...

We encourage our clients to leave behind their story and memories for loved ones so they can be remembered the way they wish to be remembered. Through our Rightwill service, as your executors, we follow the wishes and requests as set out by the deceased. 

Remembrance Forest

We would like to help you remember your loved one and in memory to them, we dedicate a tree in any Estate in which we are instructed to act in the full administration.

This is a gesture from us and has no cost implications to the Estate or yourselves. You are provided with a certificate and map of the location of the tree to keep and visit when you like.

Our little way of keeping their memory alive.

Making a Will

A tailor-made Will that is right for your personal circumstances.

Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA)

Making decisions surrounding your health and welfare

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