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Your Will is the most important document that you will ever create as it is the allocation of your inheritance and is your chance to control how you will be remembered for future generations.

See below for our Rightwill service as well as the surrounding services we provide.

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Why choose Right Legal Group

Why choose
Right Legal Group

Piece of mind that your affairs are in safe hands

Right Legal Group is a fully regulated law firm. Driven by our passion to change the way people think about making a Will, we have created a well-established service called rightwill.

The Rightwill service makes sure that every client gets full advice and recommendation from one of our specially trained advisors as well as a platform to record their emotional wishes along with their legal wishes.

All rightwill advisors undergo training through our Training Academy to deliver our service and assist you to create a complete story of your life should you choose to. When that time sadly comes, your family are left with more than just a legal document….they are left with answers and certainty.

The rightwill service developed by Right legal group is also available through our network of partner law firms. Click here to read more…

We are Regulated

Unlike most Will writing services, we are Authorised by the Solicitors Regulation Authority and follow strict guidelines regarding our services.

We capture your memories and wishes

Through our Rightwill platform and service, we ensure your truth is captured and your wishes are protected.

What we do helps to keep families together

Your family are left with more than just a legal document, they are left with answers and certainty and leaves families without unanswered questions, which usually pull families apart.

We guarantee that every appointment gives you the best advice and recommendation you deserve.

If you’re ready to take the next steps in creating your Will or need advice and our recommendation, speak to our friendly team today.

Why do I need a Will?

Making a will isn’t just for the elderly, it can help protect your loved ones if the worst happens.

Love is a Gift...

Leaving behind cherished memories and items can mean so much to the loved ones you leave behind. Our Rightwill platform allows you to leave behind memories and messages and allows your legacy to live on. Love really is a gift…

We're here when you need us. Speak to one of our friendly team today.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our clients often have lots of questions surrounding Wills & Probate. Here are some of the most common questions and their answers.

A Will is a list of instructions telling your Executors what to do with you property when you die. If you make a Will, it is your choice who will benefit from your estate and not the Law’s.

Your property will be divided according to certain legal inflexible rules. Some of these may surprise you and your spouse/civil partner may receive less than you think. If you cohabit, the person you are living with may not get anything.

Very unlikely. A Will has to be prepared, signed and witnessed in a particular way to be valid.

You can say what you wish to happen to your property. You can make gifts of money, personal belongings, gifts to charity and appoint guardians of your young children. You can choose who you wish to be the Executors and Trustees and decide who inherits the rest of your estate.

Executors are the people named in your Will to carry out your instructions and administer
your estate in accordance with the law.

Your Will should be kept under regular review by you, particularly if there is a change in your
personal or financial circumstances, or you receive an inheritance. With a Rightwill we keep in touch with you every 2 years so you don’t need to worry. 

You should leave it in a safe place. At the Right Legal Group we take care of your Will and keep it  off site where it is safely secured & stored. Should anything happen to you, your executors will get the original.

This is a legal document giving power to Attorneys to manage your finances for you, if you are physically or mentally unable to do so. You need to be mentally capable at the time the LPA is given. The LPA will need registering with the Office of the Public Guardian prior to use.

This legal document enables healthcare decisions to be made on your behalf by the
Attorneys, but only when you are unable to make such decisions yourself. The LPA needs
registering with the Office of the Public Guardian before use.

Anyone over the age of 18 can make an LPA, provided that they have sufficient mental capacity to do so and understand and agree the content of the LPA. 

If may be difficult managing your finances in the future, if you are physically or mentally unable to do so, e.g. it may not be possible to pay your bills or sell your house. If you were not able to make healthcare decisions yourself (e.g. medical treatment or where you should live) then you may wish to choose who makes these decisions on your behalf.

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